Robin Hayter: Mom, Warrior, and the Heroine we need

We Need to Fight for Our Freedom!

Legislative bodies are a place of power, and are not for the weak minded. Through the last 20 years District 30 has been left to fend for itself against an ever expanding intrusive government. Our freedoms are being eaten away bit by bit and legislators are wasting everyone's time arguing about bathrooms and definitions of words to justify their intrusion in our lives. Texans deserve better. Robin Hayter is a proud south Texan, born and raised. 

US Army Veteran

Part of Robin's dedication to service includes being a veteran of the US Army. Serving as a wife and mother she continued to put God and country first to fight for what she believes in. Today that same courageous mentality echos into her life of being willing to stand up for what is right no matter what the consequences and is what we need more of in Texas politics.

Serving the American people as an Imagery Analyst in the DC area, after her military service, she made a name for herself as a warrior for justice and human rights activist at all costs. When she returned home to Texas it was to continue her life serving the people she loves and now works at the Convent for the Sister's of the Incarnate Word in Victoria, TX. 

Vote for Peace and Prosperity

At the end of the day Robin knows that what really matters is that we can all live at peace caring for our friends, family, and communities without Big Brother telling us how to do it every step of the way. Freedom is the American way and a staple to everything Texans hold dear. We can do this together and Robin is the kind of solder we need in office to kick government out of our homes. Vote for Robin in the primaries on March 6, 2018.