Campaign Platform

Time for the New, New Deal

Our infrastructure gets a grade of "D" from the Society of Civil Engineers even before we were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. The state government should invest in rebuilding our crumbling roads, bridges, schools, levees, airports etc. There’s no reason why we can’t have the world’s #1 infrastructure. The first priority is getting funding to the local governments to help restore the infrastructure in District 30. 

Education for All Texans

In the last decade Texas has cut K-12 education funding by 16%, yet Texas' population continues to increase by about 20% every 10 years. Robin Hayter is dedicated to return the money to the local school districts. Teachers and administrators deserve to be properly funded so they can make sure the future of Texas is the best it can be. Everything we are as a state is riding on our ability to educate and prepare future Texans for the workforce.

Abolish the Death Penalty

Being Pro-life doesn't mean dictating medical procedures for women. It means standing against anyone who believes the government has a right to take lives. Each death penalty case costs the Texas tax payers $2.3 Million! That money would be better used for educating our young Texans or completely cut in order to lower the Texas tax burden as a whole. It's not only immoral but also fiscally irresponsible to continue this barbaric practice. 

Common Sense Gun Reform

Part of returning funding to schools is in the belief of providing common sense education in public schools regarding guns, gun safety, and the legality of taking another person's life. It is time we make sure every Texan knows how to be safe around guns, when it is and is not appropriate to use a gun, and the rights and responsibilities of safe gun ownership. There has been enough deaths because of devaluing the lives of others. It is time to educate all Texans on the value of every life they encounter. 

We All Share This Earth

Regardless of how anyone feels about the science of climate change, the truth is that District 30 and many other districts in Texas have a struggle to maintain clean water for their residents. Coastal industries have repeatedly admitted to neglecting their environmental violations because the lack of severe repercussions. Entire areas are suffering because of the contamination of their wildlife and it effects Texans ability to feed their children locally grown and nutritious food. Robin  Hayter plans to work with the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality to bring grant funding to District 30 for as many environmental protection/cleanup projects as possible. 

Do you have concerns you want Robin Hayter to address?

While these are some of the top issues Robin is making her priorities, she is also dedicated to being the champion of representing the people of District 30. If you have concerns you believe can be handled at the Texas State House of Representatives level please contact us. We would love to hear from you and hope to serve the people of District 30 regardless of political affiliation.